**NEW*** Online Music Programming

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I am now offering musical programming options online.  These online options are a great way to be involved with music without having to leave your home.  They are a great way to develop musical abilities, creativity, cognition, and get movin’ and groovin’!! Programming is available over Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Zoom.  All planning, interventions, and goals will continue to be based around the specific needs and strengths of the individual(s) participating.

Available online programming options include:

  • Standard Music Lessons
  • Adapted Music Lessons
  • Music Therapy Sessions
  • Presentations and Workshops

Advantages to facilitating programming through this online approach are:

  • Ability to facilitate in one safe location
  • Reduction of instrument transfers between clients
  • Increased flexibility of available dates and time slots
  • Ability to maintain consistent clinical and educational services

For more information about services, rates and how to register, please fill out the contact form on the Book a Session page.

Thank you and stay safe!!