Upcoming Presentation at 2019 MTAO Conference

Recently Daniel was selected as one of five individuals to give a presentation at the 2019 Music Therapy Association of Ontario (MTAO) conference.  This conference serves as an opportunity for music therapists across Ontario to meet up in order to network, discuss clinical findings, and learn more about the various types of clinical work happening within the province of Ontario.  It is also open to the public, and people not involved with music therapy are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about music therapy practice.

Daniel’s presentation outlines a recent clinical placement completed at a federal correctional institution for women as part of his graduate level training in music therapy.   This placement was a significant challenge, however also allowed music therapy to be provided to a marginalized population that can benefit highly from this type of therapy.

This presentation will explore the clinical approaches that were effective within this facility.  It will also focus on how the clinical work got started, the challenges of working around the numerous uncontrollable variables present in this setting, the ethical dilemmas faced each day, and how to address transference and counter-transference.

It is hoped that this presentation will help inform the audience about how clinical work was and can be facilitated within this setting, as well as advocate for increased opportunities for this kind of clinical work.   Clinical scenarios will be presented which will allow the audience the opportunity to reflect and consider the most appropriate/ethical response.  It is also hoped that this presentation helps to humanize incarcerated individuals, reduce some of the stigma associated with this clinical setting, and outline the skills, accomplishments, and rehabilitative strategies developed by these individuals to be used both in this setting and on the outside.

To learn more about the conference or to register, please visit http://musictherapyontario.com/event-2937897.  Early bird registration lasts until February 9th, and doing so allows you to receive a free lunch as part of your ticket.  Come out and learn more about how music therapy is used within Ontario!

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